Receiver's Guide

This guide has been developed primarily for institutions in the BC Transfer System interested in seeking designation as receiving institutions. Institutions are encouraged to consult this guide and use those sections most relevant to their needs. In addition, BCCAT's excellent How to Articulate handbook contains a wealth of practical advice on most process and policy issues surrounding articulation. It would be redundant for the Receiver's Guide to cover the same topics; therefore this guide should be used in combination with the How to Articulate handbook.

A note about the term "receiving institution": As a result of the Enabling of the BC Transfer System initiative, BCCAT has moved away from using the terms "sending institution" and "receiving institution", in recognition that all BC Transfer System member institutions are free to determine the size and scope of the role they wish to play within the transfer system.  While the term "receiving institution" is used in this handbook, it is used with the acknowledgement that receiving articulation requests is only one of the many activities institutions perform in relation to articulation and transfer.

Print Version of the Receiver's Guide

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