Inter-Provincial Transfer Forum 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in and contributed to the Inter-Provincial Transfer Forum on Monday, September 21st at SFU Harbour Centre.

The level of engagement in this groundbreaking work was truly inspirational and would not have been possible without the dedication and focus brought to this unique forum. We look forward to your continued support of this important work.

The Inter-Provincial Credit Transfer Forum was envisioned as a first step in a continuing dialogue that will evolve based on the input of institutional participants. There were two key goals:

  • Identify desired protocols and operational practices for more efficient and transparent transfer credit recognition processes and decisions between institutions across provincial jurisdictions.

  • Identify desired protocols and operational practices to support the public availability of accurate institutional information on inter-provincial transfer credit.

FINAL REPORT: Over the course of the forum, many topics, themes and principles were addressed and discussed. The final report, including the facilitator's report, key themes and next steps can be found HERE.

THE PROGRAM: The program can be found HERE. A full description of the sessions and biographies of participants can be found HERE.



Panel Session: Overcoming Barriers & Building Trust to Facilitate Pan-Canadian Credit Transfer

Case Studies: Dual Admission and Degree Program Pathways

Dual Admissions: Langara College and Queen's University
Dual Admissions: Douglas College and Simon Fraser University
Dual Admissions: College of the Rockies and Lethbridge University
Dual Admissions: Questions

 Presentation: The Interstate Passport: A US Multi-Partner Competency-Based Interstate Credit Transfer Model

Part A
Part B

Working Groups Session - Reports


Case Studies: Dual Admission and Degree Program Pathways:

College of the Rockies/University of LethbridgeQueen's University/LangaraSimon Fraser University/Douglas College

Presentation by Dr. Bob Turner, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education: The Interstate Passport: A U.S. Multi-Partner Competency-Based Interstate Credit Transfer Model


Joy McKinnon, Seneca - Notes
Susan Bansgrove, Grande Prairie Regional College - Notes

Tony Norrad, MacEwan University - Notes


Thank you to all of our particpants for their dedication, commitment and hard work. LIST