Transfer and Articulation Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to provide advice and counsel to articulation committees and BCCAT on issues of articulation and transfer policy and practice; to oversee articulation committees; and to initiate, implement, and monitor projects or activities designed to improve or enhance transfer. The Committee provides expert advice and reports to Council.

For more information on the Transfer & Articulation Committee, please see the Terms of Reference


Chair: Eric Davis, Provost and Vice-President Academic, University of the Fraser Valley

  • Margaret Heldman, Dean of Science, Langara College
  • Darrell Bethune, Dean of Instruction, College of the Rockies
  • Susan Rhodes, Director, University Curriculum and Institutional Liaison, Simon Fraser University
  • Peter Dueck, Director of Admissions and Registrar, Royal Roads University
  • Elizabeth McCausland, Professor, Department of English, Douglas College
  • LillAnne Jackson, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Engineering, University of Victoria
  • Kathy Siedlaczek,Associate Dean, Academic Planning & Quality Assurance, British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • James Gifford, Associate Professor of English, School of the Humanities and Director of the University Core, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Avery Hulbert, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, College of the Rockies
  • Dezene Huber, Professor, Conservation Science and Practice, University of Northern British Columbia
  • Diane Naugler, Dean, Faculty of Business and Applied Studies, North Island College


  • Rob Fleming, Executive Director and Council Co-Chair
  • Mike Winsemann, Director, Transfer and Technology
  • Ruth Erskine, Committees Coordinator