How to Articulate Handbook (2018 Edition) - Introduction

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a resource for institutions, departments, faculty members, and articulation committees involved in articulating courses and programs for transfer credit within the BC Transfer System.

The information in this handbook is based on best practices observed and recorded by BCCAT over many years of coordinating and administering articulation and transfer activities. The handbook is intended to be a practical and user-friendly manual. As such, it includes suggestions, checklists, and models. It covers the basics of bilateral course-to-course transfer and provides essential information about other kinds of transfer such as multilateral and block transfer, and alternate or innovative approaches to articulation.

Examples of articulation agreements throughout this handbook are taken from the BC Transfer Guide. These are provided as illustrations of different types of agreements and may not be current at the time this document is consulted. The most up-to-date information on any articulation agreement is in the BC Transfer Guide.

What this Handbook is Not

This handbook is not intended to be a guide to the articulation and transfer policies in effect at all institutions. It does not deal with all aspects of the recognition and assignment of credit for learning; for example, it does not address forms of articulation such as Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), challenge credit, credit awarded for non-articulated courses or programs, or advanced standing. The principles, best practices, and processes suggested in this handbook may be applicable to many forms of transfer credit agreements. This handbook addresses those transfer credit agreements that result from the formal articulation of courses and programs between and among institutions in the BC Transfer System.

NOTE: This edition of the How to Articulate handbook incorporates the content of the Sender's and Receiver's Guides.

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