Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the How to Articulate Handbook. 

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No Credit

An evaluation of 'no credit' means that the course does not transfer to the receiving institution. Students who have taken the course at the sending institution will not receive any credit for it at the receiving institution. 'No credit' is considered a course articulation and is recorded in the BC Transfer Guide.

There are two situations in which a 'no credit' evaluation is commonly awarded:

  • The course is not taught at the post-secondary level. A course's title may refer to English composition, but if the course is an English as a Second Language course, it may be evaluated as being preparatory and not as post-secondary level study. Other types of courses may not be designed for transfer (e.g., some vocational courses) and if they do transfer, it is usually only to similar programs at other institutions. These courses may be designated as 'no credit' if sent for articulation to university-level programs.

  • Credit for the course would not be applicable toward any program at the receiving institution. This is often the case with, for example, courses involving specific technologies, a practicum course for a professional program, or studio- or field-based courses. Even if there is a comparable program or course at the receiving institution, there may be an award of 'no credit' if students can only receive credit for such courses by taking them at the receiving institution to ensure that the student's performance meets the receiving institution's standards of competency.

While institutions and evaluators have the right to deny transfer credit for a course that they feel does not meet their institution's or program's standards or expectations, they should also be mindful that a 'no credit' evaluation may have an impact on the program completion plans of transferring students. It is recommended that evaluators awarding a 'no credit' evaluation be asked to explain the reasons for their decision and that, based on that information, other credit options be suggested if any are feasible, such as awarding elective credit.