Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the How to Articulate Handbook. 

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Member Institutions and Staff

Institutions that are members of the BC Transfer System have undergone a quality assurance process and have signed an agreement indicating their compliance with the Principles and Guidelines for Transfer. The basis for institutional membership in the BC Transfer System is described here.

Member institutions are entitled to send and receive articulation requests with other BC Transfer System institutional members. The list of current BC Transfer System members is available here.

At each member institution, the staff that participate in the operation of the BC Transfer System, and their individual roles, are:

  • Registrars: oversee staff that deal with transfer requests and processes; accountable for institutional decisions on transfer credit; receive appeals from students on transfer credit decisions.

  • Admissions Staff: receive transfer requests from students; depending on institution, would oversee electronic or manual review of student transcripts for transfer credit; ensure appropriate transfer credit is awarded and properly recorded; initiate articulation or transfer credit request and send to appropriate department; depending on how duties are divided in the institution, maintain internal transfer tables.

  • Advisors: advise students on transfer options; provide advice to Institutional Contact Persons/Transfer Credit Contacts regarding student interest in or use of transfer credit options; if attached to a program or department, may provide specific advice related to transfer to or from that program or department.

  • Deans: facilitate faculty members' attendance at articulation committee meetings; may act as System Liaison Person for specific articulation committees; may delegate to a committee or adjudicate/mediate in situations where faculty cannot agree on articulation or transfer credit.

  • Department/Program Head: may act as the articulation representative for the department; receive notification of articulation committee meetings and distribute to faculty; contact other institutions regarding possible articulation opportunities; or take lead in arranging block transfer agreements.

  • Transfer Credit Contacts (TCCs): please see the Roles and ICP and TCC section. 

  • Institutional Contact Persons (ICPs): please see the Roles and ICP and TCC section. 

  • Faculty members: evaluate articulation requests for courses related to their own discipline, subject, or program; determine whether transfer credit should be granted and, if so, how much credit should be given and at what level.

  • Students: may initiate transfer credit request or appeal transfer credit decision; work with advisor to plan transfer pathway.