Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the How to Articulate Handbook. 

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Learning Outcomes and Course Outlines

Several institutions in BC construct and design courses based on learning outcomes, and have tailored their course outlines to reflect this approach. Some articulation committees have also spent considerable time defining and describing the learning outcomes appropriate to their disciplines.

A course outline including learning outcomes that is submitted as part of a request for transfer credit should provide sufficient detail to ensure that equivalency can be evaluated by an assessor who may not be familiar with this approach. Because an outcomes-based approach to describing course content has not been universally adopted in BC, BCCAT advises that outcomes-based course outlines should also include a description of the curricular content of the course and/or the topics covered in the course. Faculty members at institutions that do not use an outcomes-based course outline format have indicated that they need this additional information to determine transferability.

BCCAT recently produced a report on the use of learning outcomes as the basis for transfer credit.  The full report can be found here: Learning Outcomes and Credit Transfer.