Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the Articulation Committee Companion.

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Responsibilities of BCCAT

All articulation committees operate under the administrative sponsorship of BCCAT, through the oversight of the Transfer and Articulation Committee.

BCCAT has the following responsibilities in relation to articulation committees: 

  • To convene the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) of articulation committee chairs, SLPs and ICPs/TCCs, and pay the expenses of chairs attending the meeting; 
  • To appoint an SLP for each articulation committee, usually upon recommendation from the committee members;
  • To maintain articulation committee information on the BCCAT website, including posting minutes and other relevant documents;
  • To maintain a BCCAT file containing meeting minutes and correspondence for each articulation committee.
  • To send a representative, whenever possible, to articulation committee meetings to provide updates on BCCAT and on BC Transfer System activities, and/or to address issues related to articulation projects undertaken by the committee or committee procedures;
  • To keep articulation committees informed on opportunities related to transfer and articulation, such as Transfer Innovations (TI) project funding; and
  • To provide information to articulation committee chairs and SLPs regarding articulation and transfer practices and articulation committee operations.