This resource is a synopses of what BCCAT has learned about admissions and transfer in the BC public post-secondary system through research that it has sponsored or supported (since the early 1990s). This "Tour" is based on the report written by Bob Cowin in 2013. Most of the research referred to is available on the BCCAT website or on the websites of two other BC initiatives in which BCCAT plays an active role: Student Transitions Project and BC Student Outcomes

British Columbia (BC) is distinctive in the North American post-secondary environment because of its highly developed credit transfer system. BCCAT's research dates back to the early 1990s and  indicates that BC’s differentiated and well-articulated public post-secondary system works effectively and efficiently, allowing students to move into and among institutions in the BC Transfer System. The findings also affirm the quality of the preparation that students receive in BC’s public post-secondary system, and documents students' success at subsequent institutions in academic achievement, credential completion, and successful career transition.


BCCAT would like to acknowledge and thank Bob Cowin for the excellent work in preparation of this report on behalf of BCCAT.

Click here for the PDF of Bob Cowin's report.