Other Reports

The Council research program also includes ongoing research, such as Student Transitions Project annual Fast Facts, and other projects that are relates to the four main areas (Admissions, Mobility, Transfer and Outcomes). Periodic overviews of BCCAT research also reflect the trends and provide research summaries.

Transfer: What's the Problem? BC Council on Admissions and Transfer: Special Report, April 1999. Transfer Innovations Committee.

This report noted that in the late 1990s, over 5,000 students were annually transferring over 60,000 courses to the three largest universities alone. It indicated the growing complexity facing sending institutions as they attempted to align curriculum to that of several receiving institutions. BCCAT began attending more closely to communicating transfer information to students and not simply ensuring that a robust transfer system was in place.

Some Solutions. BC Council on Admissions and Transfer: Special Report, April 2000. Transfer and Articulation Committee.

The report concentrated on actions BCCAT was taking to address minor problems and it drew attention to research about the student experiences. The newsletter also described block transfer, of which about 300 agreements were then listed in the BC Transfer Guide.

Transfer in British Columbia: What Does the Research Tell Us? BC Council on Admissions and Transfer: Research Results, April 2004. Cowin, Bob.

This paper was a combination of data about student enrolment patterns, processes (such as assigning Provincial Education Numbers to applicants and sharing enrolment planning information) in which BCCAT was involved, and plans for new research.

An Assessment of BCCAT Research. BC Council on Admissions and Transfer. 2010. Waterhouse, John.

The paper situates the key reserch findings in the context of public policy, and provides evaluation, interpretation and recommendations to guide future research. The report concluded that BCCAT's research agenda has been effective in providing a multifaceted view of transfer students and the transfer system.