Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the How to Articulate Handbook. 

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Institutional Transfer Credit Policy

Institutions that have not extensively participated in the BC Transfer System as senders, or that have just started participating as senders, may not have institutional transfer credit policies that address the role and functions of a sending institution. Institutional transfer credit policies for institutions that act as sending institutions usually address such issues as:

  • Who is responsible for initiating requests for articulation and for compiling the information that may be required to accompany the request;

  • What types of courses will routinely be sent for articulation and under what circumstances will other types of courses be articulated; and

  • Who is responsible for creating and sending the articulation request.

Sending institutions that are new or inexperienced at fulfilling this function should review their institutional transfer credit policies to ensure that the sending function is appropriately addressed in these policies.

Sending institutions should be aware of several protocols on transfer credit that have been adopted to address barriers to student mobility within Canada:

  • The Pan-Canadian Protocol on the Transferability of University CreditsThis protocol "provid[es] for the transferability of first-and second-year university course [including the final year of studies leading to a diploma of college studies (DCS) in Quebec and the university transfer courses offered by community colleges and university colleges in British Columbia and Alberta]".

  • The Ministerial Statement on Credit Transfer in Canada: This statement recognizes that "credit transfer agreements among institutions of higher education...increase opportunities for students to access postsecondary education by facilitating student mobility between institutions and sectors".

  • The BC/Alberta Transfer ProtocolThis protocol "is to provide assurance to students that they will receive transfer credit for courses or programs they have successfully completed where the content/outcomes are demonstrably equivalent to those offered at the institution to which they transfer.

When institutions are developing or revising transfer credit policies, the principles contained in these protocols and statements should be taken into account.