BCCAT is delighted to announce the winners of the 2015 BCCAT Transfer Awards! It is individuals like these – and many more across the province – who contribute to the remarkable success of the BC Transfer System. 

We would like to thank all those who participated in the 2015 BCCAT Transfer Awards and we invite all of our post-secondary partners to take up this opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of their colleagues in support of transfer and articulation in BC!

Left to Right: Peter Wylie, Frank Gelin, Carol Pollock, and David Leeming.
Photo Credits: Paola Baca


Dr. Carol Pollock  

Professor of Teaching, and Director of First Year Biology, Dept. of Zoology, University of British Columbia - Vancouver

"She has been the heart and soul (and memory) of Biology articulation for over 15 years and she retired this year. We are going to be at a loss as there is no way to replace what she brought to our community." - Blythe Nilson, Associate Professor, Biology, UBC-Okanagan

  • developed and maintained the biology transfer grid for 14 years

  • worked continuously towards easier transfer of Biology courses to UBC

  • pioneered the process of giving credit for non-majors courses for transfer from other institutions to UBC

  • supported colleges as they sought to improve transfer routes to UBC

  • developed resources and guidance to support her articulation committee

  • promoted science in the community and advanced teaching and learning to support student success


Dr. Peter Wylie

Associate Professor, Economics, University of British Columbia - Okanagan

"Peter's open and inclusive leadership style has helped to build a strong articulation committee. His approach has created a very constructive and friendly atmosphere. Committee members are inspired to contribute ideas and participate in proposals to improve the communication among the different institutions, the flow of information, and ultimately to optimize the transfer process for students in Economics courses and programs." - Yolina Denchev, Program Leader, Economics, Camosun College School of Business

  • member of the Economics articulation committee for over 10 years

  • elected Chair for five consecutive years (2007-2012), noted for his leadership in inviting productive engagement and collaboration

  • connects with institutional representatives on a regular basis

  • exemplified outstanding leadership throughout the development of the Economics Flexible Pre-Major Framework which was met 

    with wide support from across institutions

  • committee voted unanimously for his nomination


Dr. David Leeming

Professor Emeritus and Education Coordinator/Liaison for BC and Alberta Colleges and Universities, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), University of Victoria

"David has been an anchor member of the BCcupms over the last 44 years. He is respected as a voice of reason and experience... David has always and continues to be an excellent ambassador for transfer and articulation within the mathematics community. His warmth, compassion and integrity inspire respect and remind us all that successful articulation is based on good relationships and a shared purpose." - Susan Oesterle, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology, Douglas College, and System Liaison Person for BCcupms*

"Among David's strong qualities of leadership and engagement in articulation activities, his gift of rendering quiet encouragement to those with whom he works is especially noteworthy. In my various undertakings within the BCcupms, he has consistently been a solid supporter and a source of wise counsel." - Leo Neufeld, Former Chair, BCcupm and Camosun College Faculty Member, and winner of the 2014 Franklin Gelin Lifetime Achievement Award

  • participated with the BCcupms for over four decades (44 years), representing UVic (1971-2004); continued attending after his retirement in 2004, now as a representative for PIMS

  • has attended almost every meeting of BCcupms, except during two years while on sabbaticals

  • served as Chair of BCcupms from 1990-1994

  • member of BCCAT's Transfer & Articulation Committee from 1996-2006; also served as TACT Chair while a member of BCCAT (the Council) from 2000-2006

  • provided outstanding and effective leadership as BCcupms Chair

  • participated in key BCcupms projects, including development of the 1999 Mathematics Proficiency Report (still referenced in curriculum discussions), and serving on the First-Year Core Calculus Project Team and the Mathematics Flexible Pre-Major Analysis Sub-Committee

  • provided valuable leadership and guidance on numerous BCCAT projects, including the development of the How to Articulate Handbook, the Articulation Committee Companion, and the Transfer Innovation Program

  • demonstrates leadership and vision in promoting mathematics education through Math Mania (for K-7 students)

*BC Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics

For more information about the Franklin Gelin Lifetime Award category, click here.


- The 2015 BCCAT Transfer Awards Ceremony was held on November 5, 2015. A PDF of program is available here.