Dr. John D. Dennison (1929-2016),
BCCAT Co-Chair (1993-1999), and Professor Emeritus,
Administrative, Adult & Higher Education, University of British Columbia


“This year, BCCAT and the extended network of professional colleagues that facilitate the BC Transfer System lost an historic figure. Dr. John Dennison made extraordinary contributions to the development of the BC post-secondary system throughout his career. From the outset, as a Professor of Higher Education at UBC in the early 1960s, Dr. Dennison authored numerous articles and books on the development, mandates, and structures of post-secondary education in Canada, particularly in relation to community colleges. 

His contributions to the work of the Council have been multi-faceted; providing insight, advice, and support to inform collaborative work among the autonomous institutions that comprise the BC Transfer System. He played a key role in the development of BC’s articulation committee network, transfer credit practices and policy, and transfer student performance research.

Dr. Dennison provided valuable historical context and critical analysis of articulation policy and student access and mobility in BC. In 2011, he reminded us that ‘credit transfer’ was a ground-breaking concept in the 1960s Canadian post-secondary landscape.* Some 50+ years later, through the leadership of educators like Dr. Dennison and the ongoing collaborative work of institutional faculty and staff across the system, transfer has become accepted as routine and post-secondary students benefit from a remarkably flexible transfer network.” 

- Robert Fleming, Executive Director and Co-Chair, BC Council on Admissions and Transfer

Above, left to right: Rob Fleming, BCCAT Co-Chair & Executive Director, Linda Dennison, and Frank Gelin, Executive Director Emeritus, BCCAT.