Patricia Siggers,Jonathan Tsang,Debbie Lin

Leadership Award: Debbie Lin & UBC Student Communications Services Team.


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In May 2019, UBC launched the UBC Transfer Credit Search Tool which allows users to search for transfer credits at UBC from courses completed within BC, across the rest of Canada, the United States, and abroad. The first of its kind in BC, this online transfer credit search tool makes more than 50,000 equivalencies from over 600 institutions publicly available on UBC’s websites. It has been well-received by UBC students, staff and faculty, and by colleagues in the BC Transfer System who wish to engage with BCCAT to launch similar collaborative technology projects.

Thank you Debbie Lin & the UBC Student Communications Team, for your work on the UBC Transfer Credit Search Tool!

Leadership Award

Patricia Siggers,Jonathan Tsang,Andy Chipperfield, Defne Corbacioglu, Ariel Lee, Anna Wang, Debbie Lin, Connie Yeh

Debbie Lin, Manager, Transfer Credit, Undergraduate Admissions, UBC Enrolment Services

UBC Student Communications Services Team

Patricia Siggers, Project Lead
Jonathan Tsang, Project Lead
Andy Chipperfield, User Experience Designer
Defne Corbacioglu, Communications Designer
Ariel Lee, User Experience Coordinator
Anna Wang, Web Developer
Connie Yeh, Web Developer


When Debbie Lin assumed the role of Manager, Transfer Credit in early 2018, she made this [development of the Transfer Credit Search Tool] her priority. She was a tireless champion of the project. The final online search tool is the result of and exemplifies true collaboration between Debbie, UBC Student Communications Services, BCCAT, and numerous stakeholders across both UBC campuses

– Sam Saini, Associate Registrar, UBC Enrolment Services

UBC’s Student Communications Services Team exemplifies collaboration and excellence at the highest level. In their design of the UBC Transfer Credit Search Tool they consulted with multiple stakeholders including user-experience sessions with transfer students and student advisors. They very quickly learned the details of transfer articulations and the needs of transfer students in order to design a tool that would maximize student user experience

– Paola Baca, Associate Director, UBC Enrolment Services