Joint Annual Meeting

JAM 2024

November 7 & 8
Paradox Hotel Vancouver
Hybrid Meeting

The Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) brings together the higher education, articulation, and administrative community across the province of British Columbia and beyond to connect, share, and learn about issues impacting student transfer and mobility.

JAM 2023

Building the Big Picture of Student Mobility

Nov 2 - Online Sessions
JAM 2023 Opening Remarks
Kick-off session! Territorial welcome, opening remarks, and an address by the Minister for Post-Secondary and Future Skills.

  • Angus Graeme, Co-Chair, BC Council on Admissions & Transfer
  • Michael Winsemann, Director, Transfer, BC Council on Admissions & Transfer
Nov 3 - In person Sessions with Online Option
JAM 2023 – Day 2 Opening Remarks
Territorial welcome from Hereditary Chief Gibby Jacob from the Squamish nation, opening remarks from BCCAT’s co-chair, receive remarks from the Minister for Post-Secondary and Future Skills.

  • Angus Graeme, Co-Chair, BC Council on Admissions & Transfer
  • Michael Winsemann, Director, Transfer, BC Council on Admissions & Transfer

Archives for Past JAM

Keynote: Pathway Partnerships with Indigenous Post-Secondary Institutes

Jennifer Anaquod (KPU), John Chenoweth (NVIT), Jason La Rochelle (JIBC) & Rob Fleming (BCCAT)

Working Together: The Parts of the BC Transfer System

Maureen Bracewell (Capilano University), Mandie Brooks (Alexander College), Gary Franchescini (VCC), Elizabeth McCausland (Douglas College), Fiona McQuarrie (BCCAT) & Mark Wallin (TRU)

BCCAT Technology Update: The Road Behind and the Road Ahead

Jennifer Kook (BCCAT) & Mike Winsemann (BCCAT)

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for Credit Movement in BC: A Paradigm Shift in EAL

Maggie Reagh (Capilano University) & Marta Tejero (CNC)

Stranded Credit and the BC Transfer System

Fiona McQuarrie (BCCAT)

Integrating Digital Services for Education and Career Planning

Ben Ferrel (Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training) & Karen McCredie (EducationPlannerBC)

Sustainability and the BC Transfer System

Mike Winsemann (BCCAT)

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) Data Collection at Post-Secondary Admissions

Stephanie McKeown (UBC) & Camilo Peña (UBC)

Articulation Temperature Check

Fiona McQuarrie (BCCAT) & Mike Winsemann (BCCAT)

Student Mobility Research and Covid

Joanne Heslop (BCCAT), Anna Tikina (BCCAT) & Elle Ting (BCCAT)

Interprovincial Update – What’s Going on Across Canada?

Rob Fleming (BCCAT), Adrienne Galway (Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer) & Margaret Heldman (Langara College)

Keynote: Contract Cheating and Degree Fraud in Canada: What we know and What we can do About it
Sarah Eaton, University of Calgary

Indigenous Language Fluency Degree
John Chenoweth & Verna Billy-Minnabarriet, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

BCCAT Technology: Expanding on All Days, in All Ways
Anabella Chun, Jennifer Kook & Mike Winsemann, BCCAT

Defining What Courses Should be Included in the BC Transfer Guide
Mike Winsemann, BCCAT

Moving Forward With Articulation Committee Meeting Formats
Fiona McQuarrie, BCCAT

Student Mobility in BC
Joanne Heslop, BCCAT

The Pandemic – One year later, what have we learned? Panel
Peter Dueck, Royal Roads University, James Gifford, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Jean Maltesen, Vancouver Island University & Mike Winsemann, BCCAT

Exploring the Potential for Reverse Transfer in BC
Fiona McQuarrie, BCCAT

Approaches and Experiences in Micro-credential Development and Delivery in BC
Edward Benoit, College of New Caledonia & Eric Fry, BC Institute of Technology

The Exposé: BC’s Program Pathways
Brian Dick, Vancouver Island University, Jennifer Kook, BCCAT, Rella Ng, Douglas College & Dean Pogas, EducationPlannerBC

Student’s Perspective: Transfer and Credit Transferability
Anna Tikina, BCCAT

PCCAT Update – The National Transfer System and Beyond
Rob Fleming, BCCAT, Christine Johns, University of Calgary and PCCAT Chair, Ann Marie Lyseng, ACAT and Alberta Advanced Education & Yvette Munro, ONCAT

Panel: Impact on Transfer Due to Covid-19
Diane Naugler, North Island College, Carol Stuart, VIU, Sam Saini, UBC

Examining Barriers to Articulation Maintenance
Mike Winsemann, BCCAT

Pan(dem)ic Pivot: Challenges and Opportunities for Teaching and Learning
Tracy Roberts, BCcampus

Conducting Effective Articulation Committee Meetings Online
Fiona McQuarrie, BCCAT, Avery Hulbert, College of the Rockies, Michele Patterson, VIU, Jane Butterfield, UVIC

BCCAT’s Technology Roadmap
Mike Winsemann & Jennifer Kook, BCCAT

Supporting Student Mobility: TCS & Canadian/International Articulation
Debbie Lin & Olivia Urbano, UBC, Jennifer Kook, BCCAT, Tamara Sweet, UNBC

Overview of BC Transfer System
Fiona McQuarrie, BCCAT

Micro-credentials: Trends and Implications for Transfer and Admissions
Joanne Duklas, Cornerstone Consulting Inc.

What Doesn’t Transfer: Examining the Extent of Unarticulated Courses
Mike Winsemann & Fiona McQuarrie, BCCAT

EducationPlannerBC Update
Karen McCredie, EducationPlannerBC

Student Transition and Mobility: Current trends and Possible Futures
Robert Adamoski, Joanne Heslop & Anna Tikina, BCCAT

Inter-provincial Collaboration: Towards Integration of Transfer Pathways and Technologies in Canada
Rob Fleming, BCCAT, Yvette Munro, ONCAT, Ann Marie Lyseng, ACAT and Alberta Advanced Education