BC Transfer System

The BC Transfer System is a formal network of member post-secondary institutions, articulation committees, and the post-secondary transfer community and staff. All of these participants in the transfer and articulation system work together to facilitate student mobility, support system quality, recognize equivalent learning, and promote the portability and applicability of credit. Articulations between member institutions can be found at bctransferguide.ca

Member Institutions

The BC Transfer System is an integrated system, comprised of public, private degree-granting, out of province, and Indigenous-operated institutes and institutions. This integration allows for a well-established transfer and articulation system among post-secondary institutions offering a range of education and training options. The BC Transfer System consists of the following institutions:

Public Institutions in BC

BC Public Colleges

Colleges offer a wide range of programs throughout the province. Some prepare adult learners for further post-secondary studies, while others focus on trades, vocational, career, technical, and academic studies. University transfer programs at colleges are designed to enable students to transfer into many baccalaureate degree programs at BC universities. Trades/apprenticeship programs, vocational, career, technical and developmental programs, and academic studies, prepare adult learners for post-secondary studies. Colleges exist in every region of BC and offer a range of credentials, including certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, and applied undergraduate degrees.

BC Public Universities

Universitiesoffer diverse programs and credentials in cities and regional centres around the province. All offer four-year baccalaureate degrees (Bachelor) and transfer pathways, and many offer trades, career/technical and professional programs. Teaching intensive universities also offer certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees, as well as master’s degrees in applied areas. Research-intensive universities also offer graduate degree programs at the master’s and doctoral level.

BC Public Institutes

Institutes offer specialized programs and have a provincial mandate. Each of the three provincial institutes is unique in terms of the programs it offers, which may include trades, vocational, career, technical, and academic studies, including transfer pathways. Institutes offer a range of credentials, including certificates, diplomas, associate and baccalaureate degrees, and applied master’s degrees.

Private and Out-of-Province Institutions

Private and out-of-province institutions may participate in the BC Transfer System if they are authorized by the province to offer a degree program in BC. Aboriginal-controlled post-secondary institutes that are members of the Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association may also be members of the BC Transfer System. These institutions may offer associate or baccalaureate degree programs with transfer pathways.