Call for Proposals

Policies and Practices of Course Syllabi Distribution

This study aims to assess the timing of syllabi distribution and its influence on student engagement and retention at BC Post-Secondary Institutions.

Deadline: May 13, 2024. Contact: Elle Ting, Research & Projects Officer.

Delivery Mode Preferences: An Overview of Students’ Surveys and Institutional Responses

This study aims at creating a repository of institutional surveys in order to summarize key findings, and to provide a resource for institutions designing surveys in the future.

Deadline: May 13, 2024. Contact: Elle Ting, Research & Projects Officer.

Exploring Interprovincial Student Mobility with Statistics Canada Data

This project is aimed at exploring PSIS and other Statistics Canada datasets to assess their usefulness in tracking inter-provincial mobility of BC students.

Deadline: May 15, 2024. Contact: Anna Tikina, Director, Research & Admissions.

Students’ Affordability Considerations for Post-Secondary Access

This project explores how the affordability of post-secondary education is assessed and defined in different sectors and institutions.

Deadline: May 15, 2024. Contact: Elle Ting, Research & Projects Officer.
Contemporary Issues in Student Mobility
Research is a significant component of the work of the BCCAT. The Council is committed to facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of credit transfer and student mobility in the ever-changing BC post-secondary environment. For this reason, BCCAT coordinates a wide variety of research projects to inform and support institutional planning, procedures, and policies, and to enhance educational opportunities and experiences for BC post-secondary students. BCCAT’s Research Committee invites faculty, staff, and graduate students from member institutions of the BC Transfer System to submit project proposals for research contracts.

Indigenous Persistence: Phase 1 – Indigenous Educational Pathways: Access, Mobility, and Persistence in the BC Post-Secondary System (UBC)

Indigenous Persistence: Phase 2 – Indigenous Students’ Perspectives (UBC)

PLAR Options, Processes, and Credit Allowances in BC (BC PLAN and TRU)

An Exploration of the Efficacy of Flexible Pre-Majors (UFV)

28 Year Follow-Up for the “Path of Life” Project (UBC)

Advancing Student Mobility through Data Mobility – A BC Focus (ARUCC and UVic)

International Transfer Students’ Journey and Experience of Student Services (UFV)

Deadline: TBD. Contact: Elle Ting, Research & Projects Officer.