BCCAT Transfer Awards

2024 BCCAT Transfer Awards

Deadline: August 31


The BCCAT Transfer Awards recognize individuals or groups who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in the BC post-secondary system through activities that have made a significant and valuable contribution to the transfer community. 

BCCAT’s post-secondary partners are invited to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of colleagues and associates who undertake the important work of supporting student mobility in BC day-in and day-out. 

See below for more information regarding the three award categories and the nomination form. 

This award recognizes an individual or group for demonstrating exemplary leadership that has had a significant and positive impact on advancing the theory and practice of transfer and articulation within the BC Transfer System. The qualities and contributions under consideration may have been demonstrated in the context of the articulation community or beyond.  

Examples of Key Qualities:  

  • Leads in the development of transfer policies and/or practices (institutionally or system-wide); 
  • Leads in research contributing to a deeper understanding of issues impacting learner access, transfer and mobility; 
  • Contributes in significant ways to improving transfer processes, platforms, or resources; 
  • Works collaboratively and constructively, supporting and advancing learner mobility. 

Eligibility: Individual(s) employed at a BC Transfer System institution or BC post-secondary agency  
in support of higher education in the province of BC for a minimum of 5 years. 

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This award recognizes an individual who, while early in their career, demonstrates exceptional leadership and accomplishment in the area of transfer and articulation within the BC Transfer System. 

Examples of Key Qualities:  

  • Demonstrates readiness and ability  to lead within their articulation role; 
  • Exhibits ability to apply innovative solutions to transfer initiatives; 
  • Shows commitment to learning and development required to help address transfer challenges; 
  • Recognized by colleagues and/or associates as an emerging and effective leader. 

Eligibility: Individual(s) employed at one or more BC Transfer System institutions or system agencies in support of higher education in the province of BC for the past 5 years or less. 

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This award recognizes an individual whose long-term contributions and far-reaching impacts have become apparent over a career of commitment to advancing transfer and articulation in the BC post-secondary system. 

Examples of Key Qualities:  

  • Demonstrated leadership through the development of impactful transfer policies or practices over the course of their career; 
  • Contributed to ground-breaking research throughout their career, significantly deepening understanding about learner access, transfer or mobility; 
  • Strengthened and enriched the transfer community through mentorship and leading by example; 
  • Effected significant improvements (within or beyond their institution or committee) impacting the transfer community and learner mobility. 

Eligibility: An individual currently or previously employed at one or more BC Transfer System institutions and/or system agencies in support of higher education in BC for 8 or more years. 

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Deadline: August 31, 2024  Contact: awards@bccat.ca

Award Winners