Frank Gelin,Dave Twynam, Karen Langan, Suzanne Norma, Leo Neufeld, Neil Coburn

2014 Program

Transfer & Articulation Community Award, Rising Star, Leadership Award &

Frank Gelin Lifetime Achievement Award.


BCCAT is delighted to announce the winners of the first ever BCCAT Transfer Awards. It is individuals like these – and many more across the province – who contribute to the remarkable success of the BC Transfer System. Because of them, BC students have access to flexible learner pathways that help them to achieve their educational goals.
We would like to thank all those who participated in the 2014 BCCAT Transfer Awards, and we look forward to this annual opportunity to celebrate the champions of the BC Transfer System

Rising Star


Michaela Huth-Aldrich

Michaela Huth-Aldrich, Transfer Credit Coordinator, TRU

Michaela has demonstrated a level of professionalism and collegiality among her co-workers and has established high service standards when working with students and campus partners.

– Angelique Saweczko, AVP Strategic Enrolment & University Registrar, TRU


Karen Langan

Karen Langan, Articulation Officer, TRU

Karen has been meticulous and zealous in her approach to ensuring COTR courses receive articulation. Within COTR she has shown tremendous teamwork in supporting the work of faculty, staff, and administrators. Ultimately, students are the beneficiaries when they use the transfer agreements Karen has set up

– Darrell Bethune, Dean, College of the Rockies

Transfer & Articulation Community Award


Suzanne Norman

Suzanne Norman, Faculty of Management, VIU

It is due to Suzanne’s efforts that our transition from a sending to a receiving institution was accomplished so smoothly. The strength of Capilano University’s transfer credit process and position in the BC landscape is a reflection of Suzanne.”

– Joshua Robertson, Associate Registrar, Admissions & Advising, CapU


Dave Twynam

Dave Twynam, Dean, Faculty of Management, VIU

Dr. Twynam’s wealth of experience as an educator, administrator, and practitioner has been invaluable to the work of the Tourism Management Articulation Committee.

– Rob Ferguson, Chair, Recreation and Tourism Management, VIU

Leadership Award


Neil Coburn

Neil Coburn, Vice-President, Education & Students, Selkirk College

In his various roles Neil has invariably worked to further the goals of the BC Transfer System and to promote the mobility of students. Neil has made significant contributions to transfer and articulation in BC. Recognition from BCCAT would be a tremendous gesture to identify Neil as an exemplar in our sector

– Deans of Instruction at Selkirk College

Frank Gelin Lifetime Achievement Award


Leo Neufeld

Leo Neufeld, Former Chair, BCcupm, Mathematics Articulation Committee, Camosun Faculty

Leo is in large measure responsible for the widely acknowledged success of the Committee – arguably the most successful of all of BCCAT’s Articulation Committees. His service to transfer and articulation in BC over almost forty years is unparalleled.

– Jim Bailey, BCcupms Chair


Note:On October 3, 2014, Council voted unanimously to name the new BCCAT Lifetime Achievement Award in honour of Dr. Franklin Gelin, Executive Director Emeritus of BCCAT. Frank served as Executive Director from 1994-2010. His value for the importance of collaboration and consultation was a vital contributing factor to the success of the BC Transfer System as we know it today. The Franklin Gelin Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes those who carry on this important work in the same spirit of collaboration, engagement, and dedication in service to the system over the course of their post-secondary careers.

“Few have devoted as much leadership to the activities of BCCAT as Frank Gelin. For more than two decades Frank has been responsible for a great deal of the innovation, the reputation, the image and the culture of the Council as recognized by government, the post-secondary educational system and the community at large.”

– John Dennison, BCCAT Co-Chair (1993-1999) & Professor Emeritus, Administrative, Adult & Higher Education, UBC