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    Summer Melt

    Author: A. Tikina | Published: May 15, 2024

    The term “summer melt” denotes a phenomenon when post-secondary students who received an offer of admission and may have paid a deposit when accepting the offer, “fail to enroll at […]

    Professional Regulation and Transfer: Exploring the Impact of Professional Regulation on Transfer Activity in the BC Transfer System

    Author: F. McQuarrie | Published: Feb 14, 2024

    This report examines the types of professional regulation in BC that interact with institutions and programs in the BC Transfer System, and assesses the extent to which professional regulation affects […]

    Direct Admissions: Increasing Access to Post-Secondary Education through Proactive Admissions

    Author: E. Ting | Published: Feb 14, 2024

    Direct Admissions is a system developed and piloted recently in the US that defaults graduating high school students into post-secondary admittance by data-matching their profiles (transcripts, standardized test scores, and […]

    Course Outlines in the BC Transfer System: Designing Content and Format to Facilitate Course Transferability

    Author: F. McQuarrie | Published: Feb 13, 2024

    The purpose of this report is to examine and compare course outlines at BC Transfer System member institutions, and to provide recommendations for course outline content and format to facilitate […]

    Accessible Admissions: Fostering Equitable, Accessible, and Inclusive Admissions through Disability Justice

    Author: J. HardwickF. Whittington-WalshZ. JafferK. Watson | Published: Nov 28, 2023

    This report summarizes a comprehensive environmental scan of thirty-eight BC Transfer System post-secondary institutions’ admissions processes and presents both current best practices in the system and opportunities to advance equity, […]

    Online Delivery Trends: Online, Hybrid, and Multi-Access Learning and Teaching in British Columbia: Post-Pandemic Trends and Intentions

    Author: G. VeletsianosV. IrvineN. Johnson | Published: Sep 12, 2023

    This project undertook an analysis of the evolving nature of online, hybrid, and multi-access learning within the British Columbia (BC) post-secondary education system. The project objectives included assessing potential changes […]

    2022-23 Annual Review

    Author: V. Yorkston | Published: Jun 21, 2023

    We’re pleased to present BCCAT’s 2022-23 Annual Review, Sustainable Transfer: Growing an adaptive eco-system that mobilizes student journeys. Students today face a fast-changing world. Adaptability and agility in education and […]

    Survey of Mobile Students

    Author: E. TingT. Bui | Published: Apr 04, 2023

    In 2019, BCCAT collaborated with BC Stats to conduct the Survey of Mobile Students: this project examined transfer students (“movers”) and their decisions, motivations, and experiences within the BC transfer environment.

    The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Functions and Services of Registrars’ Offices in BC Post-Secondary Institutions

    Author: T. James | Published: Mar 20, 2023

    Post-secondary institutions in British Columbia and elsewhere were forced to react quickly and boldly when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in early 2020. The pandemic had unforeseen consequences, but it also […]

    Exploring Stranded Credit in the BC Transfer System

    Author: F. McQuarrie | Published: Mar 06, 2023

    Stranded credit is credit that students have earned at a post-secondary institution, but cannot use or transfer because they have unpaid debts at the institution. Institutions will usually not issue […]

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