Accessible Admissions: Fostering Equitable, Accessible, and Inclusive Admissions through Disability Justice

Author: J. Hardwick; F. Whittington-Walsh; Z. Jaffer; K. Watson | Published: Nov 28, 2023

This report summarizes a comprehensive environmental scan of thirty-eight BC Transfer System post-secondary institutions’ admissions processes and presents both current best practices in the system and opportunities to advance equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization (EDID) supports attached to institutional admissions policies and practices, with a focus on the removal of systemic barriers commonly faced by learners with disabilities.

In centering disabled learners’ admissions experiences, this project reviews, through an intersectional lens, the application of accessible design; clear policies, processes, and definitions; multiple means of assessment; and other supports within the BC post-secondary admissions context. The resultant analysis of accessibility elements in play at some BC institutions situates potential short-term, long-term, and transformative recommendations for more effective and inclusive admissions pathways that serve all learners.