Online Delivery Trends: Online, Hybrid, and Multi-Access Learning and Teaching in British Columbia: Post-Pandemic Trends and Intentions

Author: G. Veletsianos; V. Irvine; N. Johnson | Published: Sep 12, 2023

This project undertook an analysis of the evolving nature of online, hybrid, and multi-access learning within the British Columbia (BC) post-secondary education system. The project objectives included assessing potential changes in the scope and nature of online learning in BC, understanding stakeholder insights on learner preferences towards online and hybrid learning, and identifying areas for further exploration and discussion.

The study summarized the available literature and overviewed definitions of course modality. To understand the trends in offering online and hybrid courses in BC, interviews were conducted with post-secondary administrators, faculty members, and staff from the BC Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills and other organizations.

The interviewees anticipated that online, hybrid, and multi-access learning would become more prevalent in the BC post-secondary system. There is indication that online and hybrid learning may enable access, and may provide opportunities for equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization. However, learner preferences are shaped by a variety of factors and vary across learner subpopulations. Considerations for selecting the “right mix” of course modalities are provided.