Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Franklin Gelin Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Kate Ross (Associate Vice-President, Enrolment, & Registrar, University of British Columbia) in recognition of her leadership and commitment to the vital work of facilitating learner mobility throughout her post-secondary career.

This award recognizes individuals “whose long-term contributions and far-reaching impacts have become apparent over a career of commitment to advancing transfer and articulation in the BC post-secondary system.”

Kate has been working and leading in support of transfer and articulation throughout her 35+ years in post-secondary education, in her roles at Camosun College, Simon Fraser University, and—most recently—at the University of British Columbia.

She’s contributed to the work of the Council and Committees (Admissions and Research) over 11 years. And she’s actively participated in a variety of BCCAT projects focused on expanding learner access and mobility, leading the way within and beyond her own institutional role.

Kate’s success in the BC post-secondary sector comes as part of a community. She recognizes the value of being supported and offering support... She encourages her team to take on roles beyond their institutional work. Through this you’ll see many of her team on committees at BCCAT, supporting both their individual growth and ensuring that BCCAT committees have diversified perspectives.

There are none more deserving for an award recognizing professional commitment across the post-secondary sector, and commitment to supporting student mobility across a long and impactful career.