Dezene Huber, Adrian Lipsett, Norm Shaw

Transfer & Articulation Community Award & Leadership Award.

The 2018 BCCAT Transfer Award Winners were celebrated at the 2018 Joint Annual Meeting. Thank you to all those who participated and to all our champions of the BC Transfer System!


Transfer & Articulation Community Award


Dezene Huber

Dezene Huber, Professor, Conservation Science & Ecosystem Science Management, UNBC

As Chair [Biology Articulation Committee], he helped provide an atmosphere of open and collegial discussion that has been instrumental in increased involvement and movement between the K-12 curriculum changes and the postsecondary education system for the field of biology.

– Tara Stehelin, Instructor, Yukon College & Biology Articulation Committee Chair


Adrian Lipsett

Adrian Lipsett, Program Manager, Creative and Applied Arts, Langara College

He effectively balanced empathy and enthusiasm to keep our group [ESL Articulation Committee] focused on the positive and looking for opportunities to strengthen ourselves.

– Andrea Matthews, Program Head, BCIT & ESL Articulation Committee Chair

Leadership Award


Rick ChesterRick Chester
Faculty, Natural Resources and Engineering, BCITNorm Shaw

Norm Shaw
former Instructor, BCIT
& Association of BC Forest Professionals

Norm Shaw and Rick Chester began work on a comprehensive database in 2005 of all forestry competency outcomes delivered by technical schools in BC. They had a vision to start this process at the Forestry Articulation meeting held at the Pallisades Centre in Jasper at what is now known as the Jasper Accord. Rick and Norm have probably spent thousands of hours, mostly volunteer building and refining this tool for use by forestry schools and the professional forestry group to assess programs and individual transfer (without funding and on their own initiative). They have truly demonstrated leadership in the area of transfer in BC and have created an important legacy.

– Ed Morrice, Instructor, College of New Caledonia