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This past year, as part of BCCAT's 30th anniversary commemoration, we invited students, faculty, and professional staff to share their stories and reflections about transfer in BC.

A common theme emerging through these is the remarkable resilience and adaptability of BC’s transfer community, and the resulting benefits for BC’s post-secondary students. This Annual Review, "Transfer Stories: Supporting Student Journeys", takes a look at key projects and developments against the backdrop of these reflections, while also looking forward to what lies ahead for BCCAT and the BC Transfer System.

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"Having the ability to transfer straight from college to university in order to complete a degree allowed me to take that next  step, and get into a job that actually feeds my passion and is more meaningful work and more financially sustainable for our family"

- Jerry Mundi (Regional Coordinator, BC Council for International Cooperation, and former transfer student)

"Without BCCAT, BC would still be the wild west of education. BCCAT has helped all the public post-secondary and approved private institutions in BC grow as an organism, as a network of learning that the province can reliably market to the world as world class"

-Diane Naugler (Dean of Business and Applied Studies, North Island College)

For more information on the work that BCCAT has been involved in these past few years, see the Annual Reviews from previous years. Search for earlier Annual Reviews in Publications & Resources.