Our Team

  • rfleming@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7795

  • Robert Fleming

    Executive Director & Co-Chair

    Prior to his appointment in 2010, Dr. Fleming taught English in several post-secondary institutions & served in senior academic administrative roles. Over his career, he has participated in many provincial, national, international post-secondary initiatives & organizations. His scholarship includes works on literature & composition, curriculum development & review, & post-secondary policy.

  • radamoski@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7790

  • Robert Adamoski

    Director, Research & Admissions

    Dr. Adamoski brings experience as a faculty member, Dean and AVP Research to his role at BCCAT. He oversees wide-ranging research on student mobility and performance, and admissions practices. He also contributes to a number of pan-Canadian projects. Robert chairs the BC Student Transitions Project, which links data and conducts research on high school transitions and post-secondary mobility in BC.

  • mwinsemann@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7792

  • Mike Winsemann

    Director, Transfer & Technology

    Mike is responsible for BCCAT’s transfer and technology initiatives, including BCCAT’s Transfer Credit System and the BC Transfer Guide, and oversees all matters related to transfer and articulation. He is a frequent presenter on best practices in technology and student mobility. He has been with BCCAT since 2004 and has a Masters degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

  • adropol@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7793

  • Adina Dropol

    Office Coordinator

    Adina facilitates BCTG student inquiries and oversees BCCAT office operations, including financial reporting and budget-related activities. Her previous work experience includes roles at UBC as an Undergraduate Academic Advisor in the Faculty of Arts and Admissions Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissions. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in French and a B.A. in Specialized Translation.

  • rerskine@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7791

  • Ruth Erskine

    Committee Coordinator

    Ruth supports and coordinates the work of provincial articulation committees and has a strong role in working with institutions involved in credit transfer agreements. In addition to her role as coordinator for the Admissions, Transfer and Articulation (TAC) and Research Committees of Council, Ruth organizes the Joint Annual Meeting and participates in ongoing project and communications work.

  • joanne@sfu.ca
    (604) 412-7794

  • Joanne Heslop

    Student Transitions Project Manager

    Joanne is the Manager of the Student Transitions Project (STP), a collaborative system-wide research partnership involving B.C.'s education and advanced education ministries, public post-secondary institutions and BCCAT. Joanne conducts research studies for the STP to  help advance the understanding of student transitions from high school to post-secondary education, student success, student mobility and enrollment trends in the B.C. system.

  • jkook@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7679

  • Jennifer Kook

    Manager, Technology Services

    Jennifer brings her odd assortment of experiences & abilities to manage technology projects that facilitate student, data, & information mobility in BC’s transfer system & across Canada. She works with post-secondary stakeholders to develop systems & technologies that better leverage transfer information to meaningfully empower people to prepare and pursue their life goals wherever they reside.

  • fmcquarrie@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7682

  • Fiona McQuarrie

    Special Projects Coordinator

    Dr. McQuarrie is seconded to BCCAT from the University of the Fraser Valley, where she is a Professor in the School of Business. At UFV, she has also been Associate Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies and co-chair of the Business program. She has authored several BCCAT research reports, and currently works with BCCAT’s research initiatives and articulation committees.

  • atikina@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7680

  • Anna Tikina

    Research Officer

    Anna brings strong skills in research and policy analysis, extended experience in teaching and project management in academic settings, and familiarity with institutional research in the B.C. post-secondary system. Anna conducts research, and supports and manages research projects undertaken by external researchers for Council.

  • vyorkston@bccat.ca
    (604) 412-7683

  • Valerie Yorkston

    Executive Assistant and Communications Coordinator

    Valerie joined the BCCAT team in 2002 shortly after returning to Canada from Durham, England where she obtained her BA and MA degrees. As Executive Assistant to the Council, she is the primary liaison for Council membership, administration, and operations. She also oversees BCCAT communications including publications, corporate and promotional resources, and outreach.