Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the How to Articulate Handbook. 

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Denial of Credit

Transfer credit may be denied in some situations, the outcomes of which may be governed by policy or procedures specific to individual institutions. These situations may include:

  • The request comes from certain categories of student, e.g., a visiting or casual student who is not seeking a credential.

  • The coursework is not appropriate for transfer credit because it is:The course credit has been granted by an unrecognized institution.

    • not at the undergraduate level;

    • outside a defined curriculum range, such as biblical studies;

    • a practicum course; or

    • a duplicate of a course already taken.

  • Too long a time has elapsed since the course was completed.
  • The coursework is part of a completed credential.

  • The coursework cannot be applied to degree or graduation requirements, e.g., a request for a science course to receive transfer credit applicable to a social work degree.

  • The request for transfer credit does not meet the degree or graduation requirements for the student's faculty or program, as the amount of requested transfer credit is in excess of overall units, upper level units, or units of unassigned credit in a discipline.