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An exemption has the effect of waiving a prerequisite or required course for students who have completed a similar course, which may or may not transfer directly, at another institution. An exemption appears in the BC Transfer Guide in this format:

Sending Course


Transfer Credit

Effective Dates

CAMO CRIM 200 (3)


UFV CRIM 1XX (3); Exempt UFV CRIM 129 for Crim Just


In this example, Camosun College's CRIM 200 (Professional Practice) transfers to the University of the Fraser Valley as three 100-level Criminology credits. Students with transfer credit for the Camosun course are exempted from taking CRIM 129 (Academic and Professional Development) in UFV's Criminal Justice program. In most transfer arrangements involving exemptions, credit is not earned for the exempted course. Students will likely be required to replace the exempted course with an alternate course if the exempted course is required for the program the student intends to complete.