Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the How to Articulate Handbook. 

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Assessing Articulation Requests from Institutions outside the BC Transfer System

Institutions and programs have reported receiving increasing numbers of transfer credit requests, often student-initiated, involving institutions that are not members of the BC Transfer System. These requests may involve institutions within BC that are not members of the BC Transfer System; institutions from other parts of Canada; or institutions outside Canada.

Institutions that are members of the BC Transfer System are under no obligation to accept or evaluate transfer credit requests involving institutions that do not belong to the BC Transfer System. Institutions that do accept these requests are encouraged to evaluate them using, as appropriate, the same standards of course quality, content, and similarity that would be used in evaluating transfer credit requests from BC Transfer System member institutions. Institutions may also have internal policies governing the awarding of transfer credit to institutions outside the BC Transfer System. For example, some institutions may not grant transfer credit for courses from institutions that are not accredited by a recognized and credible regional accreditation agency, or may not grant transfer credit for courses that have not already been accepted as transferable by at least one other member institution of the BC Transfer System. Public universities across Canada have agreed to abide by the Pan-Canadian Protocol on the transferability of university credits.

For credit requests involving institutions outside Canada, some institutions use the services of an international credit evaluation agency. Some institutions request this type of evaluation to determine the relevance of the completed credential before deciding whether to forward any transfer credit requests to a faculty member at their own institution for evaluation. Other institutions require students to have their transcript externally evaluated and then to submit the completed evaluation along with their request for transfer credit for specific courses. Institutions that require external evaluations of international transcripts should make this known to students prior to their submitting credit requests involving institutions outside Canada. Likewise, before incurring the cost of an external evaluation that may not be necessary, students should check with the receiving institution to see whether an external evaluation of an international transcript is required for transfer credit requests. Institutions that do not use international credit evaluation services generally rely on internal information and knowledge about non-Canadian institutions in assessing the appropriateness or applicability of transfer credit requests.

Transfer credit awarded for courses at institutions that are not members of the BC Transfer System is not recorded in the BC Transfer Guide. Many institutions maintain their own internal databases to record these agreements.