Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the How to Articulate Handbook. 

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Cross-Listed Courses

A number of institutions have developed cross-listed courses. A cross-listed course is a course that is listed under two or more distinct course numbers. For example, a course may be offered as both ANTH 100 and SOCI 100 simultaneously. The course content and students are the same. However depending upon the program of study in which the student is enrolled, the course will be listed on the student transcript as either ANTH 100 or SOCI 100.

Cross-listed courses require particular attention when articulation is requested for them. For example, when a cross-listed course is submitted for articulation, the request is often submitted under only one of the prefixes under which the course is offered. This leads to one prefix being articulated while the other is not. In addition, many institutions fail to notify receivers when a course is cross-listed. This results in receiving institutions evaluating the same course twice (once under each prefix), and this double evaluation can result in conflicting articulation evaluations for the same course. This in turn causes considerable confusion for students enrolled in the cross-listed course.

BCCAT advises institutions to be aware of the implications for articulation of cross-listing courses. Should an institution decide to cross-list a course and seek articulation, it should:

  • submit the course and the course outline under each prefix and number that the course is offered when submitting the course for articulation;

  • clearly indicate on all articulation requests and the course outline that the course is cross-listed with another;

  • clearly indicate on all articulation requests, using the 'comments' box, under which discipline the course should be evaluated; and

  • clearly indicate that students will receive credit for only one course when evaluating a cross-listed course. For example, if the student has taken both ANTH 100 and SOCI 100 and these courses are cross-listed, they will only receive credit for one of these courses, not both.