Institutional Contacts

Institutional Contact Persons (ICPs) and Transfer Credit Contacts (TCCs) are valuable links between BCCAT and BC Transfer System member institutions. Each institution has at least one staff member serving in these roles and there are often two or more. Particularly at small institutions, one person may perform both the ICP and TCC roles.

Institutional Contact Persons (ICP)

The ICPs are often registrars, directors, advisors, or other administrators responsible for transfer policy and practice at their institutions. They advise us on transfer-related administrative matters, verify the transfer agreements that we publish in the BC Transfer Guide, and are an important communication network throughout the system. To promote awareness and communication between the administrative and academic sides of the articulation process, the ICP's along with the chairs and SLP's of articulation committees, meet once per year at the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) usually held in November.  For a list of ICP's at each institution, click here.

Transfer Credit Contacts (TCC)

Transfer Credit Contacts (TCCs) are often staff in the registrar, admissions, or academic advising offices. They are responsible for the daily updating of the BC Transfer Guide through our electronic Transfer Credit Evaluation System (TCES). This includes initiating transfer credit evaluation requests, forwarding requests for evaluation, and entering evaluation results for publication in the BC Transfer Guide. As the TCC's are involved in the day to day processes of articulation, some also attend the JAM event. For a list of TCC's at each institution, click here