Academic Dual Credit Students

Dual credit in BC occurs when credit is granted at both a secondary school and post-secondary institution for completion of a course (FitzGibbon, 2015). With its focus on academic dual […]

Credit Accumulation in Pathway Programs

Pathway-transfer students are a seldom-studied subset of students in the BC Transfer System. This study assessed the number of credits completed by pathway-transfer and direct-entry students in Business, Engineering, Nursing, […]

Supporting Students with Lived Experience in Care

Students with lived experience in government care can face significant challenges in their lives and their educational journeys. In 2017, the BC government created the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program (PTWP) […]

Surveying Data Governance Policy Models

This report focuses on data governance at post-secondary institutions and related organizations. Data governance is defined as the formal execution and enforcement of authority over the management of data and […]

Unarticulated Courses

This report looks at the extent of unarticulated courses and courses at differing year levels in the BC Transfer Guide.

Understanding Advanced Placement Grading in BC

This report and summary explore grading practices in Advanced Placement (AP) courses in BC and compared the first year post-secondary performance of students who participated in AP as compared with […]

Stepping Out: Mid-Program Transfer Patterns

This report examines BC post-secondary students practice of “stepping out” to earn transfer credits at another (“host”) institution, while continuing in a program at their first (“home”) institution.