Articulation Committee Companion

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Since its inception in 1989, the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) has been responsible for coordinating provincial articulation committees. Articulation committees existed long before that, and they continue to play a vital role in the BC post-secondary system.

Articulation committees are formed around a particular subject of post-secondary study. The members of an articulation committee are representatives from each BC Transfer System member institution offering courses or programs in that subject. Articulation committees meet at least once each year to discuss transfer-related issues in their subject area. BCCAT's Transfer and Articulation Committee (TAC), a standing committee of Council, is responsible for approving new committees, delisting inactive committees, and providing administrative sponsorship of  the articulation activities of existing committees. BCCAT staff members, primarily the Committee Coordinator, maintain regular communication with articulation committees and support them in their work. BCCAT has designed the Articulation Committee Companion to serve as both a resource for articulation committee members and as an ongoing reference for committees. The Companion includes a brief overview of the province's articulation committees and their essential role in the post-secondary system. It also outlines the key responsibilities of committee members, and suggests best practices for meetings and activities.

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The 2018 edition of the Articulation Committee Companion was revised by Meg Stainsby, Director, Transfer and Articulation.