Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the Articulation Committee Companion.

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Responsibilities of System Liaison Persons (SLPs)

The SLP is a valuable member of the articulation committee. He/she brings knowledge of the post-secondary system to committee discussions, provides context for system initiatives and information on system processes, and is a link to administrators and other coordinating mechanisms within the BC Transfer System. The SLP should have oversight or knowledge of, or experience in, the discipline that is the focus of the articulation committee. 

The specific responsibilities of SLPs are these: 

  1. To attend BCCAT’s annual JAM meeting—the Joint Annual Meeting of articulation committee chairs, SLPs, and ICPs/TCCs—held in the Lower Mainland in November; 
  1. To attend meetings of the articulation committee; 
  1. To serve as meeting chair if the chair (and/or vice-chair, where applicable) is unable to do so; 
  1. To provide advice and information to the committee members about structures and processes within the post-secondary system and current system-wide innovations or initiatives; 
  1. To provide continuity for the committee through changes in committee leadership; 
  1. To provide advice on how to forward an articulation concern through appropriate channels (which may include contacting BCCAT on behalf of the committee); 
  1. To provide an administrative perspective on issues under discussion; 
  1. To act as liaison for the articulation committee with other committees and groups on the BC post-secondary system (e.g., Deans, Directors, and Registrars’ groups, BCATTA); and 
  1. To notify BCCAT and committee chair if no longer able to serve (BCCAT will work with the committee to identify and appoint a replacement).