Please Note:  The content of this guide has been updated and incorporated into the 2018 version of the Articulation Committee Companion.

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Cost of Hosting or Attending


Articulation meetings are usually hosted at an institution that has representation on the articulation committee. Articulation committees select their meeting locations in different ways. Some committees meet at the home institution of the committee chair. Other committees alternate between meeting sites in the Lower Mainland and those outside the Lower Mainland, or rely on some other geographic rotation of location, in order to equalize the travel expenses for committee members located in different areas of British Columbia.

The time of year that the committee meets is chosen by the committee members, although most committees with a single annual meeting schedule their meeting between mid-April and late May.

It is expected that the host institution will provide meeting space at no cost to the committee. 

Other costs associated with the meeting (e.g., catering, support staff time, photocopying) are the responsibility of the committee itself. However, host institutions may cover some or all of these costs. Some committees charge a “hospitality fee” to cover the costs of meals or other amenities; some committees operate activities such as a publishers’ exhibit and cover meeting costs by charging a fee to exhibitors; and some committees charge a fee to participants and use those funds to cover some or all of the meeting costs. If a fee is charged to articulation committee participants, it should cover only meeting costs and not be used to generate a profit for the committee or to recoup hosting costs.


BCCAT does not pay for articulation meetings. It is the position of the Ministry and of BCCAT that funds for articulation activities, including articulation committee meetings, are included in provincial funding to BC public post-secondary institutions. Therefore, institutions are expected to pay for representatives to attend articulation meetings. Individual committee members are encouraged to communicate to their institutions the important work of articulation committees to ensure that the institutions remain informed and supportive.

The cost of travelling to and from the meeting and other travel-related costs (e.g., accommodation) are the responsibility of the meeting attendees, and committees are encouraged to plan in ways that avoid unnecessary expense for attendees. Committees normally meet once a year for one or two days, at a location set by the chair in consultation with the committee. Whenever possible, the meeting should take place during non-teaching duty or service time.

BCCAT recognizes that some articulation committees combine their meetings with professional development activities, academic conferences and/or social events. However, in such situations, anyone attending the articulation committee meeting but not participating in the other activities should not be required to pay any conference or other fees; in no case should an attendee be required to pay a fee to participate in the business portion of a meeting (i.e., discussion of agenda items).

Participants in social events such as group dinners usually pay their own costs.