COVID-19 Student Survey

Author: CHASI | Published: Jun 15, 2022

Impact of COVID-19 on Post-Secondary Students:
A Systematic Review of Institutional Reports

Prepared for BCCAT by the Community Health and Social Innovation (CHASI) Hub, University of the Fraser Valley

Click here to access survey dashboard.

The research involved a systematic review of institutional surveys and reports related to the impact of COVID-19 on post-secondary students. The analysis covers 58 publicly available COVID-19 student impact reports from 31 post-secondary institutions and organizations across Canada.

The results of the analysis are presented in the form of a dashboard. Tabs on the dashboard correspond to the parts of the analysis. “Reports” tab includes key topics, details on methodology of each survey, the timeline when the surveys were administered (“Show Timeline” button toggles the map view and the timeline view), and the search function. The actual reports could be accessed by clicking on a specific survey listed in the table. Insights from the key informant interviews on how survey results have been taken up by post-secondary institutions and organizations can also be found on the “Reports” tab.

“Literature Review” tab contains a cross-national literature review completed to understand the educational, social, emotional, and financial impact of COVID-19 on Canadian postsecondary students. The list of references can be found at the bottom by clicking “References” button.

“Thematic Analysis” tab shows key themes that emerged from the survey analysis, such as student health and wellness, academic achievement, student life, and faculty and university. Each theme and sub-theme include a brief discussion of the findings and provide quotes from survey responses.