Travel Expense

Author: BCCAT | Published: Jan 23, 2024


Procedures Regarding BCCAT Travel Claims

BCCAT has a number of standing committees and hosts meetings where the travel costs of participants are borne by BCCAT. Outlined below are some important points that we would like to stress regarding the required documentation for travel claims.


Important things to remember

1. Authorized travel claims are made by completing the BCCAT Expense Claim Form.

Please read the guidelines which explain allowable expenses and per diem rates.

2. Original receipts

Original receipts must be submitted along with your claim. Should you not have the original, you must contact the merchant vendor to obtain an electronic copy.

Note that the required details for all receipts include:

  • company name
  • address
  • phone number and/or web address
  • date
  • description of item
  • amount charged
  • method of payment (if by credit card, the last 4 digits of the card must be included)

*Indicating proof of payment is critical.* For hotel stays, you will likely have to check out in person in order to get the required documentation.

If the receipt doesn’t contain the required information described above, a credit card statement or cancelled cheque (front and back) must be provided along with the receipt indicating that the transaction was paid.

3. Hotel booking

Claimants are reminded that BCCAT covers the cost of the BC Government hotel rate only, which should be requested when booking hotel accommodation (cite BCCAT and the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills). Advance booking is required to secure a reasonable rate, especially in the peak season (May – September). Expenses for extra night(s) accommodation and meal(s) may be reimbursed provided genuine savings can be demonstrated.


If you require clarification on our processes or any information related to travel reimbursements, please contact Adina Dropol at or (604) 412-7700.