What We Do

Established in 1989, the BC Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT) oversees the BC Transfer System, enabling important links between the BC post-secondary institutions, the education ministries, and the public and private education sectors.

BCCAT facilitates admission, articulation, application, and transfer arrangements among BC post-secondary institutions for the benefit of students.

This involves:

  • ENGAGEMENT: BCCAT engages post-secondary partners by working collaboratively to address credit transfer challenges and opportunities

  • INFORMATION: BCCAT informs institutions and other post-secondary partners through conducting research, providing advice, and answering questions related to student transfer, mobility, and success in the BC post-secondary system.

  • SUPPORT: BCCAT supports BC students by providing web-based planning tools ( and, and assists the transfer and articulation community by delivering substantive resources and streamlined services

In 2016, BCCAT was charged with providing direction over the BC provincial application service, ApplyBC, and its supporting services such as TranscriptsBC. BCCAT will be working to integrate ApplyBC into the Education Planner framework, allowing for the creation of the Education Planning and Application Service (EPAS). For more information, click here.

An ingraphic overview of BCCAT's 2015-16 activities is provided below. The PDF version is available by clicking here.

(Information about the BCCAT staff team is provided at the bottom of this page.)