Exploring Stranded Credit in the BC Transfer System

Stranded credit is credit that students have earned at a post-secondary institution, but cannot use or transfer because they have unpaid debts at the institution. Institutions will usually not issue […]

Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer has been part of the United States post-secondary landscape for more than a decade, in the form of statewide, system-wide, regional, and institutional transfer agreements. Reverse transfer agreements, […]

Covid-19 and Transfer

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the physical closure of British Columbia’s post-secondary institutions. Courses and programs were moved entirely online, and students, faculty members, administrators and staff […]

Who Decides Transfer?

A Review of the Policies and Practices at BC Transfer System Member Institutions The purpose of this research was to examine transfer credit decision-making processes at BCTS member institutions, to […]

Articulation Committee Guide

The Articulation Committee Guide (2023 Edition) is a resource for articulation committees and participants in committees. The Guide includes a brief overview of the province’s articulation committees and their role […]

Moving Forward with Flexible Pre-Majors

This report explores how participants in the BC Transfer System can facilitate the effective functioning of the currently active flexible pre-major (FPM) agreements.

What is Academic Credit?

This report reviews current literature on academic credit, describes emerging trends in credit assessment, and identifies existing practices in credit evaluation at BC post-secondary institutions.