Current Projects

With its commitment to facilitate more comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing BC post-secondary environment, BCCAT conducts and coordinates a wide variety of research and technology projects to inform and support institutional planning, procedures, and policies, and to enhance educational opportunities and experiences for BC post-secondary students. The projects listed below comprise the work approved by Council in the BCCAT workplan that are currently underway.

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Transfer Mechanisms & Innovation

This study will examine the scope of courses that are offered at BC Transfer System institutions that have either not been previously articulated, or have been awarded credit at a year level that differs from the offering at the home institution.

This study will review literature on micro-credentialing and credit transfer in various jurisdictions, catalogue available information on micro-credentials published online by BC Transfer System members, and interview faculty and staff to capture institutional practices and perspectives on the prospects of delivering and recognizing micro-credentials.

In addition to using existing data sources to describe the volume, characteristics, and trends of block transfers and degree partnerships, this study will attempt to describe current business practices and to identify strategies that could improve the existing data and our understanding of this important type of mobility. The project will also generate an environmental scan of successful business practices for documenting block transfer and degree partnership students which may be useful to institutions that wish to strengthen their data on student pathways.

BCCAT encourages the development of flexible and innovative transfer arrangements among BC post-secondary institutions. BCCAT recognizes that there may be constraints on credit transfer, and seeks to minimize inequities and difficulties faced by students and institutions and address the growing demand for inter-juristidicational articulation agreements and transfer information. The Transfer Innovation Fund supports projects that make significant or innovative improvements to transfer information and opportunities for students. The Transfer Innovations (TI) program is currently undergoing a program review. Information on the new TI program will be available in early 2020.

This project seeks to summarize current and emerging trends in the incorporation of competency-based credentials in the post-secondary admissions process, in BC and elsewhere, and to identify areas for future research which would support the development of policy and practices at BC Transfer System institutions.

Student Performance & Mobility

BCCAT has produced Transfer Student Profile and Performance reports for over 25 years. The reports compare the demographics and the performance of transfer and direct entry students at large receiving universities within the BC Transfer System.

This project aims to revisit previous research on credits-to-graduation while capturing the increased range of degree completion options in the BC post-secondary system, and will incorporate aggregate data sources linked to institutional data. This work is being conducted by BCCAT staff with the assistance of registrars and institutional research offices at participating institutions.

This research builds on a previous study of the South Island Partnership, which offers dual credit programming to students on southern Vancouver Island. The goal of the project is to describe the experiences and performance of students completing at least one dual credit course in an academic area and transitioning to post-secondary studies.

The Student Transitions Project links student data from the B.C. Ministry of Education with public post-secondary student data. The data allows investigation of student transitions, mobility, and outcomes from the Kindergarten-Grade 12 (K-12) education system to the public post-secondary system, while protecting individual privacy. The Student Transitions Project is governed by a steering committee with representation from British Columbia’s public universities, colleges and institutes; the Ministries of Education and Advanced Education, and BCCAT. Find out more about the Student Transitions Project.

With the assistance of BC’s public post-secondary institutions, and BC Stats, over 4500 students were surveyed regarding their experience moving between post-secondary institutions. Respondents provided information on their goals, decision-making, experience, and level of satisfaction. The results will be released to participating institutions this fall, and a public report will be released in 2020.

Data & Decision-Making

For a number of years, BCCAT has worked with BC Transfer System members and government to develop a data source that captures transfer credit granted at most BC public post-secondary institutions. Currently, the work focuses on improving data consistency and reliability, and sharing the data with articulation committees and other system-level groups in order to better understand credit mobility in the province.

The study will scan existing legislation, policy, and practices governing the collection, storage, security, sharing, public and institutional reporting, and analysis of student data, as many of these data sources are key to understanding learner pathways and success. Based on these findings, key emerging issues in BC will be identified.

This project will review the transfer and program credit policies for students who are seeking to transfer and build upon learning five or more years after their last registration. This project will involve an environmental scan of current institutional policies, and produce a report on the findings.

This study will focus on the transfer policies within the Registrar’s offices, to identify the practices and procedures used to articulate and award transfer credit within BC Transfer System institutions. The focus of the report will investigate whether Registrars’ offices have been empowered to award transfer credit, whether all articulation requests are routed through faculty, and under what circumstances transfer award decisions are made.

Technology Services

This projects aims to refresh BCCAT's corporate website to better communicate and present information to our corporate audiences and stakeholders regarding the work that BCCAT is involved with.

This project will implement various recommendations arising from the external review of the

This multi-phase, multi-year project involves the TCS Suite project and technology developments and enhancements that will support the data management of various transfer options for both articulation agreements within BC, across Canada, and internationally.