You can find information on recently completed and ongoing research projects in the list below.  For more information about research, contact BCCAT at


Contemporary Issues: A 27 Year Follow-up of the Paths on Life's Way Participants

BCCAT has contracted with Dr. Lesley Andres, UBC, to conduct a follow-up of the survey and interview respondents who have participated in the last 22 years of the Paths on Life’s Way project. The project was funded through BCCAT’s recent call for proposals addressing contemporary issues in student mobility, and is overseen by the Research Committee.

Contemporary Issues: Flexible Pre-Major Research

BCCAT has contracted with Lisa White and Donna Alary of UFV to assess the efficacy of Flexible Pre-Majors (FPMs) in public PSIs. The project is also aimed at reviewing development, realization and communication of FPMs within an institution. The project was funded through BCCAT’s call for proposals addressing contemporary issues in student mobility, and is overseen by the Research Committee. The report is expected to be completed by the fall 2016.

Contemporary Issues: Indigenous Educational Pathways

BCCAT has contracted with Dr. Stephanie McKeown, UBC-Okanagan, to investigate practices undertaken to support the persistence of indigenous students at several BC post-secondary institutions. This exploratory project will also survey data needs pertaining to the persistence and mobility of indigenous students. The project was funded through BCCAT’s recent call for proposals addressing contemporary issues in student mobility, and is overseen by the Research Committee.

Dual Credit Students' Success

BCCAT has contracted with Kelly Betts of Camosun College to assess the effectiveness of dual credit programs through a quantitative case study of dual credit students’ success in the South Island Partnership. Another objective of the project is to analyze the opportunities and barriers for doing similar studies in other BC regions. The report is expected to be completed in August 2016.

Field Schools Transfer

BCCAT has contracted with Dr. Steven Earle of VIU to examine options for collaboration and information sharing on field schools in BC and to detail the steps necessary for successful implementation of such collaboration. The report is expected in December 2017.

Interdisciplinary Courses Transfer

BCCAT has contracted with Dr. Michelle Rhodes of UFV to conduct research on transfer of interdisciplinary courses and programs. The study will review current literature on transfer of interdisciplinary courses, conduct an inventory of existing practices, and analyze faculty and institutional roles in facilitating credit assessment. The publication is expected in winter 2018.

Understanding AP Grading

BCCAT has contracted with Plaid Consulting to review secondary and post-secondary practices of grading Advanced Placement (AP) courses in BC and to suggest appropriate equivalencies across AP grading practices. The report is expected in fall 2017.

Nomenclature for Expanding Gender Declaration in Student Information Systems

The purpose of this research is to consult with various stakeholders and provide recommendations to the BC Registrars Association around appropriate, respectful and streamlined nomenclature for increasing the declaration of gender from the time of application through the admission process, and the remainder of the student life cycle. The final report is expected to be completed in April 2017.


Academic Advising

This study examines the current state of academic advising in BC, reviews the related literature, offers examples of successful practices, and identifies areas for future research. Read more.

Academic Credit

This report reviews current literature on academic credit, describes emerging trends in credit assessment, and identifies existing practices in credit evaluation at BC post-secondary institutions. Read more.

Associate Degree Data Sources

This report reviews Canadian and international literature on the impacts of Associate Degrees, and explores available BC data on the success of Associate Degree students. Read more.

Availability of Applicant Admissions Data

This project explores how applicant data is collected and distributed in jurisdictions with common application platforms, and discusses implications of a system-wide platform in the BC public post-secondary system. Read more.

BC Transfer Students Profile and Performance

BCCAT's latest profile report is the most comprehensive to date. Findings show that transfer students perform as well as "direct-entry" students, despite demographic differences. Read more.

Dual Admissions Agreements

This report reviews dual admissions models in BC and explores the motivations and experiences of institutions with dual admissions programs, as well as enrolment numbers and students' experiences. Read more

Dual Credit

This report looks at the policy and practice of dual credit, i.e. granting credit at both secondary school and post-secondary institutions for completion of a single course.  Read More.

Experiential Learning

The study reviews current literature on experiential learning; catalogues the various definitions and forms currently operating in the province; identifies successful practices in BC and elsewhere; and identifies areas for further study.  Read More.

Implications of New High School Graduation Requirements

BCCAT collaborated with the BC Registrars Association to develop a summary of current admissions models at BC post-secondary institutions in light of the current discussions being generated by the BC Education Plan. The objective is to continue dialogue to ensure that any curricular or graduation changes allow for smooth transition into a range of post-secondary program areas for BC students.  Read More.

Impact of Secondary Education Reform on PSE

A review of secondary education reforms in different jurisdictions identifies effects of changes in K-12 on specific aspects of the post-secondary system in BC. Read more.

Increasing the Availability of Transfer Data in CDW

BCCAT worked with post-secondary institutions that contribute to the Ministry of Advanced Education Central Data Warehouse (CDW) to develop data specifications for data on transfer credit granted at these institutions. BCCAT collaborated with institutions and the Data Definitions and Standards Committee to refine the data specifications and to discuss business practices that impacted the data. It is anticipated that BCCAT will continue to analyze and share transfer data from the CDW with post-secondary partners in BC.

Indicators of Mature Students Success

This study attempts to identify mature student preparedness indicators other than high school grades that lead to BC post-secondary admissions success. Read More.

International Student Survey

The BC International Student Survey was conducted in late 2014 to address emerging questions concerning international students and their learning and living experiences in BC. Read more.